6 Tips when moving to Moreno Valley

So you’re thinking about moving to Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside or nearby areas in the Inland Empire?

Today we are going to talk about the six steps you need to take when Moving to our area and, if you haven’t already… this is the channel you absolutely need to subscribe to.

We love when people call us looking for housing information about our area and we make sure we are here to help them and, if you are looking to relocate to our area we will help you too.

Hi am Julio Sanchez and am a local real estate broker in the Inland Empire and today we’re gonna talk about Six, very important steps you need to know before making your move to Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside or any other areas in the Inland Empire.

So, before we talk about why these six steps that are super important when moving to our area, You can be sure that we are here day and night to serve you to the best of our abilities. We have been working with clients from all over and we have really developed a very smooth process for anybody that is moving here.

So, we have six very simple but very important steps that are going to help you make your move Super easy.

Step number one

Step number one, first and foremost, you gotta reach out to us. Give us a call, Shoot us a text, or Send us an email. Once we make the initial contact we are going to set up a call or video chat with you at your convenience to, like super quick, easy non intrusive call or video chat.

This way you get to see us face to face. We see you face to face. Basically to start to build that relationship and communication and really figure out what are your wants and needs in the search for a home. We will be narrowing down the criteria and location and if you’ve already been doing a lot of research we can also include that in our own search criteria.

So, we just be asking you some very specific questions and getting to know what your lifestyle is? What’s important to you? If you have kids so you might be looking for specific schools, are you retired?

You see what we’ve learned is that a lot of people get a lot of input from their friends and family, when moving here. And what they might think is their best option to move to ends up being one of the last places and wanting to move to.

So that’s why it is very important for us to know what your specific wants and needs are.

What we do is building out your custom search, Yes, we have a very elaborate tool that we use that really dials in the neighborhoods, we can search schools, city’s zip code,

Square footage, bedrooms and Bathrooms, pool homes, 3 car garages, etc. and this allows you to see what is in those areas that you’re looking for, for the budget that you want to work with and then you can favorite those homes.

Step number two.

Which is setting you up for a meeting with a lender, and this is very important.

This is one of the most important steps and we need to make sure that everything is set up right. Getting you to a local, knowledgeable lender that knows our market and knows or lending laws and restrictions.

Not only this is important but you need to be prepared on what amount you would need for your downpayment and any closing costs from the purchase of the home and in my opinion what is the monthly payment that you are going to be comfortable with.

See when you are ready to place in an offer, especially when the market is moving pretty quickly like right now, we had to have someone that’s on our side. Someone that we can get access to right away and request a verification of special taxes if this apply, monthly payments, and we can get this information with our local lenders because we have form a relationship for years and they know that the service we provide to our buyers come first.

You are ok to use any lender you want, sometimes even if you have a family member we can use them in the purchase of your home. Just know that having a local, knowledgeable lender that knows our market and knows or lending laws and restrictions goes a long way and that is one of the most important things to get set up earlier.

Step number three.

Before you get here we will have our proprietary technology sending you the list of homes that match your searching criteria. This way you can see first, how fast the market is moving and the types of homes you are going to be touring when you get here.

We all know that you can get all kinds of information about homes on the market in all different sites, and you can get notified the second a home comes on the market, just know that our job is to make sure the house really meets your needs and it is on the area of town you want to stay in and to MAKE SURE you get this home if it is the one for you.

So then we will set up the tour dates for when you’re able to make it here and physically able to look at these homes.

The majority of our clients have done some times one, and sometimes numerous tours to our area and as we go through this process we really narrow down what your desired areas are.

When you show up here, we’ll be taking a tour throughout the different areas. We will show you the positives, the negatives and we’ll really do an in depth tour of these communities.

And, we will ask you to tell us what the overall reaction is to these tours while you are being educated on the process and the landscape.

When you leave here we know that you are more than happy that we fulfill your needs of getting to look at the area.

After you tour the areas, and you’re really just starting to get serious then we go into.

Step number four

This will be the time to talk about the strategy we will use for when you like to place an offer on the house you really, really love.

Let’s say you’re moving here in a month or two and you’re waiting till last minute to get things rolling with the search criteria, the lender meeting, you may or may not know the monthly payments you wish or that you can actually afford, this is gonna put you behind the eight ball big time.

When it comes to offers, you’re gonna get beat out on a lot of places. So we like to get ahead of the game and really have all our ducks in a row so that we can represent you best and then make sure we get your offer accepted on your dream home.

We have been working in this area for over 24 years and we have build a lot of relationships with many, many other agents, and this will work on your benefit, because once they see your offer coming in by way of us, you may have a better chance of getting your offer accepted.

Step number five

You know the buying process, can be one of the most emotional biggest decisions of your life.

Guiding you through this buying process. We have been selling real estate for about 24 years now, and with almost 1000 transactions we can guide you thru this buying process.

And since we’ve had a lot of people from out of the area reaching out. People that are not living here and they’re finishing and wrapping up their life wherever they’re moving from, so we guide them through the process of buying a home, we just like to go through what to expect with you.

Our goal is really to alleviate that stress and pressure when moving to a new area and make it the most stress free transaction of your life, because we really care about the way that you guys feel and how we represent you in this business.

We will explain the legalities of the purchase agreement form, and how to protect your deposit money in the event things don’t work out in the negotiating stages thru the escrow process. As we will see on.

Step number six

Just because your offer was accepted means you are home free.

So really, it all starts about the offer acceptance and then you go into the inspection time frames the contingencies periods, appraisal, termite report, and lots more.

There are just so many different things we will need to keep a close attention to and we will help you go thru once you have an offer accepted.

We have a high level expertise when it comes to this, and we can help you make those decisions and make you feel very comfortable and worry free.

And with our expert negotiation skills. We might be able to save you a dollar or two here in there. We also have top notch help so we do not skip any step and nothing falls thru the cracks.

These are the six main tips that are going to make your life so much easier when moving here and, and we are here day, night and weekends to make your move much easier.

We are always working. We get phone calls all the time and we absolutely love it.

Our information is everywhere below so is our email address.

However you want to get a hold of us, We are always here, we always get your back and if you haven’t yet, please subscribe, we do tons of videos about what it’s like, to live in this area, the different areas of town and you can go back and watch any of the videos you want, but you gotta hit that subscribe button and click that little bell to be notified every time we do a new one.

So, if you are thinking of moving here within 6 months, you’ll need to organize yourself quickly. However, even within this short time frame, there are many issues you can address to ensure your home presents itself in the best light. So  make sure you give us a call, shoot us a text or send us an email our information is in the description below.

If is going to be more than 6 months and don’t want to talk to us just yet, I can send you more information about Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside and surrounding areas, I have a free relocation guide that I can email it to you free of charge and without obligation on your part.

Just call or text at 951-384-0147

Again my name is Julio Sanchez and thank you so much for visiting.

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