Are You Still Renting? 

Would You Like More Information On How You Could Buy A Home With Little Or NO Money Down And Monthly Payments For About The Same As Rent? 

The Average Rent In Our Area For A 3/4 Bedroom Home is About $1600

That Is $19,200 Per Year;

That's $57,600 In 3 Years;

And $192,000 In 10 Years;

Or $576,000 In 30 Years... Either Way You Are Paying A Mortgage... Yours Or Some One Else's... Don't You Think Is Time To Pay Your Own????

If After Seeing These Numbers You Are Still Thinking About Continuing Renting And NOT Buying A Home, Consider This: 

5 Years Ago The Average Price For A Home In The Area Was $173,000. 

This Year The Average Price For The Same Home Was $315,000... 

Just Think What These Homes Would Cost 5 Years From Now... 

There Are Some Different Loan Programs To Buy A Home With Low Or NO Downpayment Available... 

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