Weekly Market Update 3/29/18

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Liftoff! 10 Surprising U.S. Cities Where Home Values Are Skyrocketing 

What are you hankering for when you buy a home? Good space and great bones? You bet. Nice neighborhoods and highly rated schools? Check. Maybe even some awesome ship lap design notes? No prob, "Fixer Upper" obsessives! But when you put all of those different factors into a grinder, there's one thing that comes out the other side: price appreciation.

After all, your home is your biggest investment and most significant asset. Is it increasing in value—and if so, by how much?

 We're not simply talking about whether you live in one of America's Hottest Markets, the designation we bestow each month based on high demand and low time-on-market. That's a list owned by tighter-than-tight cities like San Francisco, where prices are already nosebleed-high and teardown shacks get snapped up in days. No, we're talking about the ones where the prices just keep going up and up—metros delivering some dizzying returns on investment in
recent years. Read more here

What Keeps Buyers From Finding Their Next Home 
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Low Inventory Causes Home Prices To Maintain Fast Growth 
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How To Create An Enjoyable Outdoor Space On a Budget  
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Multi-generational Households May Be The Answer To Price Increases
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